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Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS)

California’s Senate Bill 375 (SB 375) encourages planning practices that create sustainable communities. It calls for each Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) to prepare a Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) as an integrated element of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that is updated every four years. The SCS is intended to show how integrated land use and transportation planning can lead to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from autos and light trucks.  This will be Fresno COG’s third SCS, which is based on the previous SCS adopted in 2018.

Futures Analysis

The 2022 SCS developed diverging assumptions of future conditions, or extreme “what-if” conditions, against which to model the resilience of various strategies. Each “scenario” developed contained a set of strategies. Prior to selecting a preferred scenario, each of the SCS planning scenario strategies were tested against three “Futures” that were developed with stakeholder input. 

To develop the futures, Fresno COG hosted two workshops in February 2020 where multidisciplinary stakeholders formed focus groups to discuss three proposed concepts for Fresno futures: extreme climate, high-tech innovation, and regulatory challenges. Participants provided valuable insight, specifically on the impacts of each future in their area of expertise and potential strategies that may be employed to mitigate these impacts.

More detail on the futures is available in the following section of this Chapter 5 of the adopted RTP document below.