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2022 Regional Transportation Plan / Sustainable Communities Strategy

Fresno COG’s 2022 Regional Transportation Plan

The following documents comprise the final plan that was approved by the Fresno COG Policy Board on July 28, 2022.


2022 RTP/SCS:

2022 RTP Cover, Introduction, Table of Contents, Committees and Boards and Lists of Tables and Figures


RTP Chapters

Chapter 1:   About The Plan

Chapter 2:   Accomplishments

Chapter 3:   Fresno Today

Chapter 4:   Implementing The Plan

Chapter 5:   Sustainable Communities Strategy

Chapter 6:   Financial Element

Chapter 7:   Environmental Justice



Appendix A:   Environmental

Appendix B:   Financial

Appendix C:   Transportation and Land Use

Appendix D:   Public Participation, Review and Adoption


Related documents:

– Draft: 2022 RTP/SCS and Environmental Impact Report

– Final: 2022 RTP/SCS and Environmental Impact Report

– 2023 Federal Transportation Improvement Plan

Air Quality Conformity Analysis for the FTIP and RTP/SCS


2022 RTP/SCS Public Comment Period

Comments received with Fresno COG’s associated responses