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Scenarios Survey – Fall 2021

SCS Strategies And Indicators Survey Public Engagement Results

SCS Scenario Strategy Survey Results:

  • Survey was open from March 26 – April 25, 2021
  • 1,326 survey views
  • 421 respondents

Strategies/Indicators and Comments

Participant Demographics

The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) asked residents of Fresno County to help plan our community’s Sustainable Communities Strategy, a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our region, by responding to an online survey. The SCS is an integral part of Fresno COG’s Regional Transportation Plan Update currently underway. Responses to this survey will assist in choosing actions to improve our air quality, public health and safety, access to jobs, provide support for disadvantaged communities, transit options and more.

The first portion of the survey asked participants to prioritize a list of indicators. This provides our committees and board with community input when paring down the list to reflect only the highest priority indicators. These indicators will be used to report the performance of SCS Scenarios that will go out to the public for review in August/September of this year. They will show you how well each scenario performed, so their results can be compared to one another.

The second portion of the survey walked participants through brief descriptions of possible SCS Scenarios. All are considered achievable and compatible with current local agency general plans. We asked what they liked or don’t like about them. This input is then provided to the Fresno COG committees and Board as they are asked to pare the list of five scenarios to a maximum of three.

Scroll down to view hard copy versions of the survey in English, Spanish and Hmong. 

SCS survey outreach results will be reported to Fresno COG’s RTP Roundtable on April 28, then to our Transportation Technical Committee and Policy Advisory Committee on May 14, 2021. Recommendations from each of those committees will be forwarded to the Fresno COG Policy Board, meeting at 5:30 pm May 27, 2021 to pair the list of five SCS Scenarios down to three, and to reduce the list of  27 indicators down to 10. 

The SCS Survey is available below in hard copy:

For questions or assistance completing the survey contact Fresno COG staff member Brenda Veenendaal at or call 559-233-4148.