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Policies and Actions

The 2022 RTP reflects transportation planning for Fresno County through 2046. The vision, goals, policies, and actions in this chapter are intended to serve as the foundation for both short and long-term planning and guide implementation activities. While this chapter discusses programs and strategies to implement the RTP, a summary of the regional transportation projects is included in the Financial Element.

Addressing the region’s unique mobility needs requires a collaborative effort across many partners and agencies. Public outreach and discussions with stakeholders on Fresno COG’s subcommittees helped identify regional needs, which are discussed in more detail in this chapter. At the forefront are calls for more equitable solutions to providing access to safe, clean transportation options that help residents access good jobs, affordable homes, education, and health care. Additionally, recent unprecedented times, both regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and intensifying climate change effects, have demonstrated that our transportation solutions must be resilient to future unknowns to ensure that people and goods can get where they need to go under adverse conditions.

Because Fresno County is one of eight MPOs that make up the San Joaquin Valley air basin, it is linked for regional transportation planning through air quality guidelines. As such, regional transportation needs are discussed further in the San Joaquin Valley Regional Transportation Chapter in Appendix C.

The Policy Element Subcommittee, comprising local government staff and community stakeholders, helped establish the vision, overarching goals, and supporting policies. It convened several times in fall 2020.

This chapter also describes the programs and actions that Fresno COG, in partnership with other organizations, can advance to further the RTP’s goals and assigns implementation responsibilities. Because Fresno COG does not have authority over streets and roads, strong partnerships with local jurisdictions will be necessary to implement the plan.

The actions address all transportation modes (highways, local streets and roads, mass transportation, rail, bicycle, aviation facilities and services) and consist of short- and long-term activities that address regional transportation issues and needs. While the actions are organized by the five key policy areas, many of them are cross-cutting and support multiple goals and policies. Some actions are intended to support the Sustainable Communities Strategy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions directly, while others are focused on the RTP’s broader goals. Fresno COG will track implementation progress using the measures included in Appendix C.

Chapter 4: Implementing the Plan