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Policies and Actions

What is the Policy Element?

The 2022 Regional Transportation Plan’s overarching goals and supporting policies will serve as the foundation for both short- and long-term planning. A required component of the Regional Transportation Plan, the Policy Element identifies regional needs, areas of regional consensus, and directs the courses of action that will provide an efficient, safe, and reliable multimodal transportation system.

The Draft Policy Element Outline was approved by the RTP Roundtable during their January 2021 meeting. The vision, overarching goals, and supporting policies included in the Draft Policy Element Outline will be incorporated in the Draft 2022 RTP/SCS, which will be released for public review and comments in the spring of 2022.

For the 2022 RTP/SCS, Fresno COG is proposing to develop a chapter combining the Policy Element and Action Element.

What is the Action Element?

The Action Element is a required component of the RTP that describes the programs and actions necessary to implement the RTP goals and policies. It will consist of short and long-term activities that address regional transportation issues and needs and will address all transportation modes. Fresno COG is the responsible agency for all actions but will collaborate closely with our partner agencies to ensure the actions are implemented.

The Draft Action Element Outline has been developed to support the vision, overarching goals, and supporting policies of the approved draft Policy Element. The Draft Action Element has been consolidated and updated to align with the Policy Element. The Action Element and Policy Element will be combined to provide a more cohesive document and will also be consistent with the Financial Element to identify investment strategies, alternatives, and project priorities.

Comments for the Draft Action Element Outline were due on June 18th and the Draft Action Element Outline was approved by the RTP Roundtable during the June 2021 meeting.

Draft Action Element Outline Comment/Response Letters

Please reach out to Jennifer Soliz at or Meg Prince at if you have any questions regarding the Action Element or Policy Element.