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Public Participation

PlanFresno RTP Public Outreach

In accordance with public participation plan requirements, Fresno Council of Governments updated their 2020 Public Participation Plan (PPP) which includes the RTP Public Outreach Strategy.

The PPP is a plan intended to give Fresno COG’s Policy Board and staff guidance in providing for public involvement and interagency consultation early and often during the regional planning process. It contains policies, guidelines, processes and procedures Fresno COG commits to implementing while seeking and fostering open public involvement during the decision-making process, regarding all matters within discretion. The PPP also identifies opportunities to be involved in the metropolitan transportation planning process.

Our commitments to engaging the public:

Current public engagement efforts:

A 55-Day Public Review And Comment Period On The Draft EIR And Related Documents Commenced On April 15, 2022 And Concludes On June 10, 2022. 
RTP/SCS webpage – review documents and public hearing opportunities

The Fresno Council of Governments is hosting several in-person and virtual community meetings, August 31 through September 22, 2021. At these workshops we will be asking community members to comment on three draft future plans called Sustainable Communities Strategies that are part of the Regional Transportation Plan currently being updated. The plans join land use and regional transportation planning strategies to do the following:  Sustainable Communities Strategies Fall Outreach

Public input gathered to-date:

The Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG) asked residents of Fresno County to help plan our community’s Sustainable Communities Strategy, a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our region, by responding to an online survey from March 26 to April 25, 2021. The SCS is an integral part of Fresno COG’s Regional Transportation Plan Update currently underway. Responses to this survey assist committees and ultimately the Fresno COG Policy Board in choosing actions to improve our air quality, public health and safety, access to jobs, provide support for disadvantaged communities, transit options and more. The survey received 1,326 views with participation from 420 individuals.

Two additional community outreach efforts were undertaken during the 2021 calendar year to obtain public input during the development of Fresno COG’s Sustainable Communities Strategy:

Spring 2021 SCS Strategies and Indicators Survey:  Webpage

Fall 2021 SCS Scenarios:

  • View our online presentation survey results (closed to responses) HERE! 
  • View the survey responses via spreadsheet in pdf HERE!
  • View staff’s presentation to committees and Policy Board HERE

Public Comment:

Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability 1_14_2021, Fresno COG’s response letter 2_1_2021

Please contact Brenda Veenendaal with any questions about the plans by emailing her at or calling 559-233-4148 ext. 219.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Public Outreach Partners:

Fresno COG’s Community Outreach Mini-Grant Program

The Fresno Council of Governments worked with three community organizations to solicit ongoing public input into key activities associated with the preparation of the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and the Sustainable Communities Strategy Scenarios within it. Together with these partners, Fresno COG reached out to residents of the Fresno County region, including them in the RTP and SCS transportation planning process via workshop and online participation, and obtained defined input regarding their perceived community transportation needs. This program is designed to ensure that interested members of the public have ample opportunity to understand and provide meaningful input on these plans during the planning process.

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) Committees:

RTP Roundtable

The RTP Roundtable supports Fresno COG staff and the COG’s standing committees and Policy Board as the 2022 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) and Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) are developed. Roundtable members will provide expertise and generate consensus on RTP issues, acting in an advisory capacity to the Fresno COG Policy Board.

RTP Roundtable Meeting Agendas

Environmental Justice (EJ) Subcommittee

The Environmental Justice (EJ) Subcommittee serves Fresno COG’s Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) by assisting Fresno COG staff in setting thresholds for environmental justice populations for the RTP’s Environmental Justice Report. The EJ Subcommittee appoints one member to sit on the RTP Roundtable for the duration of the RTP update. The subcommittee has ten positions to provide full, diverse and equitable representation from designated Environmental Justice populations. The positions include three Fresno COG member agencies representatives: Local agency urban, East side local agency rural and West side local agency rural. They also include public representatives including four minority representatives for Hispanic, African American, Asian and American Indian populations, two low Income representatives, one senior (65 or older) representative and one representing persons with disabilities.

EJ Subcommittee Meeting Agendas