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Regional Transportation Plans

The Fresno Council of Governments’ (COG) Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is a long-term blueprint of our region’s transportation system.  RTPs are conducted every four years and are plans for twenty years into the future, with the participation of dozens of transportation and infrastructure specialists. The plan identifies and analyzes transportation needs of the Fresno County region and creates a framework for transportation project priorities.

Fresno COG’s first RTP was adopted in 1975. Updated editions have been published per federal statute with refinements of the original and subsequent plans, making this the 20th edition. As the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and state-designated Regional Transportation Planning Agency, Fresno COG has develops the RTP update through a continuous, comprehensive and cooperative framework. MPOs were formed under the 1962 Federal-Aid Highway Act and are required for any urban area with a population of greater than 50,000.

The RTP update process involves the region’s 15 cities, the County of Fresno, staff from related local public agencies, the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD), Caltrans, other state and federal agencies, community organizations and the public.

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